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Appointment Booking

Get a bird's eye view of all your bookings and available time slots for each practitioner.

Service Catalog

Add your service to bookings to your customers the best service they can have.

Product Inventory

Include your products into bookings to give your customers a full service range.

Know Your Customers

Complete historical view of your customer's bookings, services, and product purchases.


There are many variations of software pricing. So we thought, why not keep it as simple as possible.

No Subscription Fees

Feel free to enjoy the benefits of BeFresha for as long as you desire. We do not charge any subscription fees whatsoever.

No User License Fees

Invite your entire team, including receptionists, managers, beauticians, and practitioners, to join BeFresha. We believe in inclusivity and do not impose any per-user fees.

That's it! It REALLY IS that simple!
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Any Questions? Answered

A moment for some quick questions.

In short, YES! BeFresha runs on a secured server where its data is protected by industry standard encryptions. And for security reasons, we cannot reveal more about our security technology -- security by obscurity.
BeFresha does not limit the number of users for each outlet.
No special hardware is required to use BeFresha. A generic PC or Mac with internet access and a web browser are all that is required for BeFresha to help manage your customer bookings. You can even access BeFresha from your mobile web browsers in your smartphones and tablets.
Not at all. We host and operate BeFresha on a powerful and secured cloud-computing server. You don't need to worry about the server requirements. Again, for security reasons, we can't reveal too much about our cloud technology :)
We are open to explore customised features just for your business. Please let us know here, and we shall get back to you within the next business day.
Yes, that's for real! No hidden costs, and there's no catch. We believe in chargin a fee when it's really working for you. While you are using BeFresha, there are no subscription fees, no one-time fees, no up-front fees, and no pay-per-use costs. We only bill you for new bookings generated from new customers.

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